Demakeup Solution


A two-phase demake up solution for face and eyes which strengthens the eyelashes in order to make eyes irresistible and provide an effective cleansing and caring action.
The unique formula contains vitamins and nutrients, cleanses gently and removes easily, make up, even the waterproof mascara, avoiding in this way the usual scrubbing that discomforts the eyelashes.
Enriched with Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), a blend of amino acids and natural castor oil that nourish, hydrate and provide eyelashes with smoothness and elasticity, keeping them away from crushing. Eyelashes are healthier and look much more beautiful and rejuvenated.

* It doesn’t irritate nor dehydrate the sensitive area around the eyes.

Usage: Apply a small quantity on cotton and remove the make up from eyes and face with gentle moves. If needed, apply it twice. You may wash over your face with cold water.

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