Active Green Musk


Active Green Musk is a cream - mask with firming and fat burning . Enhances skin elasticity and sculpts the body contour .
The ingredients , caffeine and guarana, stimulate circulation and help decongestion fat and toxins , which are responsible for the appearance of cellulite . They also have fat burning to reduce points.
Algae , actively influencing the dissolution of the local thickness.
The clay causes rejuvenation and tightening skin .
The citrus liminium helps cases ivy and phlebitis . Improves blood circulation and acts on adipose tissue.
Ivy is an active ingredient which acts against cellulite.
The active ingredients in combination with the lecithin helps to break down fat cells . Lecithin also helps to better diysdysi the active ingredients.
Cocoa butter gives skin extra care and hydration .
Active Green Musk can be used alone . In conjunction with the slim control gel and active oil accelerates weight loss in the local body areas resistant to diet , such as the buttocks , thighs , abdomen and hips .

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